Best Cincinnati Bengals Running Backs

The running back is one of the most important positions in American football and thus every team that plays this sport needs efficient running backs to be successful. For the uninitiated the primary role or duty of a running back is to receive handoffs from the quarterbacks for the rushing play and to catch the passes from the backfield and block. The Cincinnati Bengals have had some amazing running backs on their roster over the years and they made some stellar contributions in the team.

Rating the best running backs to play for Cincinnati Bengals

The ranking of players from different eras and generations is always interesting and subjective. It is a fascinating subject that rightfully promotes debate and discussion on the different players, their role and status in the history of the game. Here we will document some of the best running backs that have played for Cincinnati Bengals over the years.

Corey Dillon

When you sit down to make a list for the best running backs to have played for Cincinnati Bengals across the years then it is likely that most of the people will have Corey Dillon right there at the top of their list. And when you look at this record and numbers as well as impact then it not difficult to understand why that’s the case.

Right from the moment when he was drafted in the team, Dillon has been a force to reckon with in running game. In his very first season, Dillon produced 1000 yards campaign and did it while hitting the double digit touchdown numbers on runs. That was the first of his six straight on the bounce 1000 yard campaigns. When it comes to scoring runs the numbers weren’t always as consistent however Dillon did reach double figures for the 2nd time and amassed a total of 45 with the franchise or the team. When it comes to career totals his numbers are extra-ordinarily impressive. The 8061 yards on the ground produced by him are by far, beyond any doubt the best numbers that has been produced by any of the Cincinnati Bengals running back. The per game average of Corey Dillon is 75.3 which eclipses every other running back or runner that the franchise has had on its roster. Dillon is exclusively amongst the 3 players to eclipse and clear the 70 yards for each game. The 45 rushing touchdowns produced by Dillon ranks 3rd in the history of the team. He leads the chart when it comes to the total carries and has fumble rate of 93.3 carries for each fumble which ranks 3rd amongst Cincinnati runners who have at the very minimum 700 rushing attempts in their career.

The season that best exemplifies and describes Dillon is the 2000 season. During this season Dillon had the best total of rushing as the Bengal (1435) yards and averaged 4.6 yards for each carry. Added to these impressive numbers is the good number of touchdown scores which were 7. Despite his impressive performances and efforts the team ended on 4-12 for the year because Dillon didn’t get a lot of support from the team mates and the franchise. However, when it comes to running backs since Corey Dillon the Bengals have been singin’ the blues.

Rudi Johnson

The Cincinnati Bengals franchise have had a lot of Johnsons on their roster and Rudi Johnson is pound for pound one of the best running backs that the team had. Rudi Johnson played for seven season at Cincinnati Bengals and had a pretty impressive record much like Pete Johnson who also played seven seasons in the team. In terms of numbers Rudi Johnson had rushing yards of 5742 and as the receiver had 101 receptions at 588 yards and one touchdown. In terms of rushing touchdowns Rudi Johnson had48 touchdowns. In the seasons between 2004 to 2006, Rudi Johnson had the most carries of all the players which totaled at 1039. Rudi Johnson had an impactful tenure at Cincinnati Bengals in his short spell and that makes him one of the most influential and significant running back in the history of the franchise.

Pete Johnson

In the history of the NFL league the fullback or the running back position has long been an important component of the offensive plans. The fullbacks were crucial in making the attacks effective whether it involved blocking, short yard skills or finishing the long drive with plow-through touchdown. The importance of that position is evident from the impact that Pete Johnson had on the Cincinnati Bengals franchise during his time there. Some of his stats are very impressive that includes a minimum of 153 carries in every season which is phenomenal by modern standards. No other fullback has had more than 100 carries since Tolbert produced 101 in the year 2013.

Apart from these some of the other notable mentions when it comes to Cincinnati Bengals running backs are James Brooks, Bobby Clark, Archie Griffin, Harold Green and Charles Alexander.